SSL Certificate for IP addresses

SSL certificates can be issued on IP addresses. However, for this to happen, a few conditions have to be met

  • SSL can be issued for a public IP address.  
  • Your organization must own that particular IP address.In other words,the IP address must be exclusively assigned to your organization (not to the web hosting company). 
  • A certificate authority must be able to verify your IP ownership under an IP WHOIS lookup. Your organization’s name, physical address, phone number, and email id must be shown in the  IP WHOIS lookup.  
  • You must buy an Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificate to secure an IP address. 
  • Both OV Single domain and OV multi-domain SSL certificates can be used for an IP address.  
  • You can write an IP address in the Common Name (CN) or a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field (if you have chosen a multi-domain SSL). 
  • All version of Windows will support the SSL if you specify the IP address as the Common Name (CN). Windows 8.1 and earlier versions will not support the SSL certificate if you specify an IP address as a Subject Alternative Name (SAN). 

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