Truehost Business Email Limitations

Truehost is a reputable service provider for emails. It offers the best for all and ensures that you always communicate effectively.

But with that, there are limitations. However, these don’t deter you from effectively communicating with your clients.

Getting started with Truehost business emails sets you apart from the rest. It’s safe, reliable, and provides the best!

Why choose Truehost?

  • Reliable- their uptime is 99.999%, and the support team is always ready to help sort out any issues.
  • Secure- Truehost has implemented the best measures to protect its clients. Offers Antivirus & Spam Guard to protect from malicious people.
  • Affordable- they have plans for everyone. You don’t need a huge budget to get started!
  • Migrate to Truehost Business Email at no extra cost.
  • Tons of features- connect other services like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Windows Mail and ensure you are always updated.

Truehost Business Email Limitations

  1. Send limitation- one domain supports sending 200 emails per hour. With more than one, you can send more in an hour.
  2. Upload limit- supports upload of files less than 100 MB. 
  3. Limits some domain extensions- doesn’t support .xyz, .buzz, and .top. 
  4. Custom URL is not available for all packages.
Truehost Business Email Limitations

Some policies govern the usage;

  • They don’t support malicious and offensive content.
  • One can’t send unsolicited emails.
  • Refrain from copyright infringements.

Get more about these policies here. Some of these limits aren’t good for established ventures that need constant communication by email.

However, a workaround on Truehost Business Email Limitations to ensure that you deliver the best. One of the best ways is to get a provider that gives you what you need.

Also, you can find alternative communication channels. Use project management tools and use emails for important things only.

Remember to optimize email content using cloud storage services like Google Drive or OneDrive, and provide download links in your emails instead.

Get to segment recipients and send emails in batches over time. It helps you stay within the recipient limits and prevent triggering spam filters.

That’s it; sign up for Truehost Business Email today!

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