File Migration Policy

Truehost Cloud helps customers migrate to their websites quickly, effortlessly, and easily without
downtime. We require login details to the old server to perform the migration. This document provides
guidelines for handling various transfer scenarios.
This transfer policy only applies to transfer of data to Truehost Cloud. We do not transfer data from
Truehost Cloud to other service providers. For data transfer to other providers, please contact their
support for help.
Free Transfer Service
Truehost Cloud performs free migrations in the following circumstances.
• Migrating websites from another provider, no matter what platform the client is using on the
source server.
• Migrating websites between servers we manage due to upgrades e.g., from shared/reseller to
VPS/Dedicated Servers.
• Migration of websites from addon domain to a new separate cPanel account. If you purchase a
new hosting package for an addon domain, migration is done for free.
Paid Transfer Service
Migrations are not free in the following circumstances.
• Migrations between servers managed by Truehost Cloud which does not involve an upgrade
Examples: – the client pays the same or less after the migration. Eg from Tcloud 1 to another
Tcloud 1 VPS – Migration from VPS back to shared hosting.
• Migrations of accounts to truehost cPanel servers which does not involve an upgrade. Example
scenarios: – moving an addon domain to an existing cPanel account without transferring the
domain to truehost as well. However, migration of files to an existing shared hosting as well as
transferring the domain shall be considered.
• Custom migrations between our cPanel servers Example scenarios: – moving addon domains
from one existing cPanel account to another one – partial migrations e.g., moving some files to
another cPanel account – any other migration requests which require manual work different from
generating a full cPanel backup on the source server and restoring it on the server with us.
In cases where the client may not wish to pay for the service, a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the
same shall be provided. See the link below; – base/how – to – transfer – an – addon – domain – sub – domain – from –
one cpanel – to – another/

Expected Migration Times
The following section will describe the estimated times for performing migrations. We will work
extremely hard to honor this period and even do much better.
• Migration from external host cPanel/DirectAdmin to a cPanel on our side: 12hrs
• Migration from an addon domain to separate cPanel: 12hrs
• Migration of resellers from external hosts to our reseller: [50 accounts]: 48hrs
• Migration from shared hosting to VPS/Dedicated Server: 48hrs
This section explains how much data can be moved within the free migration service offering
• Migrations of data greater than 100GB will be charged extra. Refer to the costs section for pricing
• For migrations between shared hosting to VPS or Dedicated Server that does not use cPanel or
CWP, only the first 5 accounts will be migrated for free. For more than 5 accounts, Refer to the
costs section for pricing
• For migrations between shared hosting to VPS or Dedicated Server that uses cPanel or CWP, only
the first 10 accounts will be migrated for free for subscriptions of more than 6 months. For
subscriptions under 6 months, migration shall be limited to 5 accounts. For more than 10
accounts, Refer to the costs section for pricing.
• For migrations between shared hosting to VPS or Dedicated Server that does not use cPanel or
CWP, only the first 5 addon domains/subdomains will be migrated for free. For more than 5
addon domains/subdomains, Refer to the costs section for pricing
• For migrations between shared hosting to VPS or Dedicated Server that uses cPanel or CWP, only
the first 10 addon domains/subdomains will be migrated for free. For more than 10 addon
domains/subdomains, Refer to the costs section for pricing
The costs of migrations that are not provided for free are as follows
• Migration from one cPanel to another if there is no upgrade of service: $10
• Migrations from one VPS to another: $10
• Migrations from VPS back to shared hosting: $10
• Repeated migrations: $10
• Migrations of accounts by disk quota: over 100GB – 500GB: $10, over 500GB – 1000GB: $10,
over 1000GB – 1500GB: $20, over 1500GB – 2000GB: $40 more than 2TB data: $50
• Migrations of more than 5 accounts to VPS that does not use cPanel or CWP: $10
• Migrations of more than 5 addon domains/ sub domains to VPS: $10
Frequently Asked Questions
• How many times can you migrate services? Migration is done only once. In case of a need to
perform migration again, the fee stipulated under Costs >> Repeated Migrations section shall

• Are the estimated times above always met? No. Generally, 99% of migrations will be done as
per the time provided. But other migrations are affected by factors outside our control. For
instance, some hosts normally disable the cPanel backup feature. This makes the transfer process
manual using FTP which may be very slow. Other hosts use HDD storage which becomes very
slow for huge accounts to backup. In these cases, we provide no fixed timeline. We will perform
the transfer as we provide updates on progress via ticket. Our interest is to ensure the transfer is
completed without loss of data or downtime.
• Can you transfer a site from a subdomain to an addon domain in the same cPanel for free?
Yes. Such a transfer will be done for free.
• What happens if I cannot transfer the websites by myself and I do not want to pay for
migration? If you are in a situation where your migration request is not covered under the free
tier, we highly recommend you subscribe for a Paid Migration Service. However, if you do not
want to use the Paid Migration Service, we provide detailed guides to help you complete the
migrations from your side successfully.
• Can Truehost migrate a service from an expired account at Truehost to another active one?
No. Once a service expires, it will first need to be renewed for data to be accessed for migration.
• Can you connect remotely via say, AnyDesk or TeamViewer to perform migration from
client computer? No. Our support model does not allow for remote connection to individual
clients’ computers. For migration to be done successfully, we will need to have access credentials
for the old server, or a link e.g., Google Drive link where we can access your backup files for
Other Important Notes
• To help us do migrations fast, please log the migration ticket under Transfers Department so that
our team works on it quickly.
• Before sending the access credentials from the old host, please test the credentials to ensure they
login so that we can avoid back and forth due to invalid logins
• If your old server has two factor authentication, we recommend you disable it to allow migration
to run smoothly on our side. If unable to disable it, we recommend you provide means for us to
access the account such as Backup Codes.
• Due to various web and email hosting platforms in existence, it may not always be possible to
migrate files from source server to our servers due to compatibility issues. For example, some
hosts provide custom made – self hosted website builders such as Olitt or Wix which cannot be
moved from their platform. In such a case, we will notify the client and provide recommendations
on the way forward.
• The policy above is by no means exhaustive. It is meant as a general guideline to help Truehost
Cloud and the client seeking migration services be able to work in a predictable fashion. This will
help us be more customer centric and help our clients plan their migrations efficiently. For
scenarios not covered in this guideline, our Support Team will reach out to the client and provide
guidance on the way forward. Feel free to also reach out with any questions about migrations so
we can provide a solution for you.