How to plan for your hosting Upgrade

Yes, it is possible to plan for your web hosting upgrade, however, due to busy schedules, we may forget to plan for upgrades. Here is how to check the resources usage on your hosting account. Login using Cpanel credentials provided by Truehost hosting provider. Search using the term ‘ usage’ […]

How to Install CyberPanel on CentOS 7 VPS

CyberPanel is a Linux based web hosting control panel powered by OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed Enterprise. CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed is available for free. The guide below describes how to install CyberPanel on CentOS 7. This guide uses as the VPS IP address. Prerequisites To install CyberPanel, you need root access to a Truehost VPS […]

How to fix AWStats not Updating

Cpanel provides various statistics software eg awstats,webalizer and analog stats. These stats have an important role in business decisions regarding the website. Therefore, let’s check how we can resolve this error quickly. Using WHM. Login to the whm as the root Navigate to server configuration>statistics software configuration Select the user […]

How to Upload A Website To The Cpanel

In this guide, I will show you how to upload a website to Cpanel. You see, for a website to be available online, it must be hosted (housed) somewhere. The content viewed by web visitors is usually stored in a hosting account (a server). And to access and control this […]

How to force https on your site

Once you have installed SSL and woudl like to autoredirect your site to https, please follow the steps below: Login to cPanel and navigate to File Manager >> public_html On the to right, click Settings button and select Show Hidden Files then Save This should display files starting with (.) […]