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Premium domains for sale

Premium domain names are high-quality domains with a good internet history that are available for sale at high market value.  Such a domain domain is considered high quality when it is shorter, regularly searched, closely associated to the actual service or related to an industry. Premium domain benefits: Easy to […]

How Do I Get Epp Code From Hostgator

To transfer your domain from HostGator to Truehost, you’ll need to obtain the EPP code by unlocking the domain. Here’s a step-by-step guide: 1. Log in to your HostGator customer portal and navigate to the Domains menu. 2. Select the domain name you intend to transfer. 3. From the sidebar, […]

How Do I Get Epp Code From Bluehost

To transfer your domain from Bluehost to Truehost, acquiring the EPP code is essential. You can obtain it by contacting Bluehost directly or by following these steps in the Bluerock control panel: 1. Log in to your Bluehost account and navigate to the Domain area. 2. Locate the domain you […]

What Are The Requirements To Register A New Domain

At Truehost, a diverse selection of new domains awaits your seamless acquisition. Although the process itself is straightforward, certain prerequisites must be met: 1. Terms of Service Compliance Our robust security systems meticulously examine each newly registered domain at Truehost. All domains must align with our Terms of Service. Consequently, […]

How To Backup A Website At Hostinger

To create a backup of the content stored in your hosting account, follow these steps: 1. Navigate to the “Websites” section and select “Manage” to access your website management interface. 2. Look for the “Backups” option in the sidebar and click on it. 3. Within the backups section, locate the […]

How To Backup A Website At Godaddy

Your site is continuously saving your changes and creating backups after significant modifications like altering your theme, removing a section, or resetting your site.  This automated process ensures the safety of your content and settings. However, for added precaution, you might consider creating a manual backup as well. This way, […]

Why Use a Private Mail Server For Your Domain?

Emails are critical to businesses, especially now that most transactions are done online. VPS hosting can help businesses achieve seamless email communication. Even better, our Private Mail Server packages help you get better value for your money since we do all the heavy lifting for you. We solve all the […]

How to install mongoDB on centos 7.

MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB avoids the traditional table-based relational database structure in favor of JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, making data integration in some applications easier and faster. 1. Log in to your VPS via SSH 2. Create a […]