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Premium domains for sale

Premium domain names are high-quality domains with a good internet history that are available for sale at high market value.  Such a domain domain is considered high quality when it is shorter, regularly searched, closely associated to the actual service or related to an industry. Premium domain benefits: Easy to […]

How to plan for your hosting Upgrade

Yes, it is possible to plan for your web hosting upgrade, however, due to busy schedules, we may forget to plan for upgrades. Here is how to check the resources usage on your hosting account. Login using Cpanel credentials provided by Truehost hosting provider. Search using the term ‘ usage’ […]

How to Configure Truehost business Email On Gmail

1. Login to Gmail  2. On the top left Corner, click Settings icon then See All Settings  3. Click Accounts and Imports  4. Under Send Mail As section, click Add another email address  5. On the page that appears, enter your Name and the email address you want to configure […]

How to repair email settings on Mac device

Go to applications and select Mail Proceed to mail and click about Mail 3.  On new window that opens select Accounts as below 4. Select server settings fill in details provided for incoming mail server and outgoing mail server as below Fill in username as your email address you are […]

How to set up emails on Mac device

Go to applications and select Mail Applications Proceed to mail and click Add account, select Mail account provider as Other Mail Account 3.  Click continue to see new window to add email account details as below Click Sign in to login to new email set up 4. Fill in  additional […]