CO.UK and .UK domain transfers

The process for transferring .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, and .UK domains differ slightly from typical domain transfers. Instead of following the usual transfer code procedure, these domains employ IPS Tags for the transfer process. To initiate the transfer, your first step is to contact your current registrar and request a change of […]

Adding A records in Plesk

Login to Plesk using your credentials Click Websites & Domains In the left sidebar Click DNS Settings\ Click Add Record. In the Record type list box, select the type of record you want to create. In this case, select A. In the Domain name text box, type the name of the domain. In the IP address text box, type the […]

How to Install WordPress using SSH in Cpanel.

Installing WordPress often takes a lot of steps: Downloading and uncompressing a zip file, Uploading files to the server, and Setting up the database and config. That can take a lot of time. Or you can do it by using the Softaculous Apps installer utility available in the control panel.  In […]

How to fix AWStats not Updating

Cpanel provides various statistics software eg awstats,webalizer and analog stats. These stats have an important role in business decisions regarding the website. Therefore, let’s check how we can resolve this error quickly. Using WHM. Login to the whm as the root Navigate to server configuration>statistics software configuration Select the user […]

How to Repair a misconfigured Outlook Account.

If you are user of outlook, you must have encountered such a problem. Don’t panic, your emails are just fine. Maybe Microsoft just release an update or your hosting provider changed your IP of your hosting server or migrated you to new server. Other reasons are, your domain or hosting […]

How to Import WordPress installation to softaculous

Softaculous is one stop cpanel softaware manager,it helps you : Install applications eg WordPress, joomla, and hundred other applications Helps in backups of the applications. Automated updates of new application releases. These benefits are enjoyed only for those who have installed their applications using WordPress or those who have imported […]