How to Reset Laravel Admin Password directly from the Database

Laravel normally Hashes its passwords using Bcrypt so that its secure. This way, you cannot directly decrypt it, without knowing the correct password, nor can you directly type a password into the database to reset a users password. Such a password will not work. To correctly set a password for […]

Commonly Used Port Numbers in Shared Hosting

The following is a list of commonly used ports in cPanel shared hosting platform. cPanel Services cPanel 2082 cPanel Secure (HTTPS) 2083 Webmail 2095 Webmail Secure (HTTPS) 2096 WHM 2086 WHM Secure (HTTPS) 2087 Email Services IMAP 143 IMAP Secure (SSL) 993 POP3 110 POP Secure (SSL) 995 SMTP 25 […]

Announcing Change of Nameservers

We are pleased to announce that we now have new nameservers for our cPanel shared hosting infrastructure. The new name servers are as follows: NOTE: The ns2 and ns3 nameservers have been updated to use and domains respectively. Why this is important This is important to ensure […]

MX and SPF Records for Cloudoon Mail

This article will help you understand which DNS records you need to add at your DNS host if you are using Cloudoon Mail Generally, the mandatory DNS records for all emails are MX records and SPF records. DKIM and DMARC records are other popular DNS records used to manage email […]

DKIM and DMARC Records for Cloudoon Mail

DKIM and DMARC records are used to enhance email security. DKIM records are used to sign an email message so that to confirm to the receipeint server that the email they have received has not been altered since it first left the sender’s server. DMARC on the other hand, is […]

How to change your Cloudoon Mail password

If you would like to change your Cloudoon Mail password, follow the steps below 1.Go to and login using your current email and password 2.Go to Settings icon 3.Click Change Password and set new password Video on how to reset your password on Cloudoon Mail

How to Configure SMTP in Laravel

SMTP is a secure way to send emails. Laravel supports sending mail via SMTP out of the box. To configure your laravel app to send mail via SMTP, we need t provide the correct details for config/mail.php These details are however provided as environment variables on the .env file inside […]

How to Configure WordPress SMTP using WP Mail SMTP

WordPress has a powerful load of features that are implemented using plugins. One such feature is SMTP. SMTP helps your WordPress installation send mails e.g password reset mails, order confirmation mails for ecommerce systems and other mails that it may need to send. It is thus very crucial to configure […]