Why Use a Private Mail Server For Your Domain?

Emails are critical to businesses, especially now that most transactions are done online. VPS hosting can help businesses achieve seamless email communication.

Even better, our Private Mail Server packages help you get better value for your money since we do all the heavy lifting for you. We solve all the challenges that stand between your business and effective email communication by doing the hard work of setup, configuration and migration, so you can get started quickly.

Below are the 4 advantages our Private Mail Servers give you over other types of hosting and over servers by all other providers.

Free Email Migration

We do free email migration from cPanel based hosting to the Private Mail Server. This migration is hustle free and no down time will be experienced.

Improved Email Deliverability

The most critical issue with emails is deliverability. With Private Mail Servers your emails will always land in the Inbox since you will get a dedicated, clean IP address.

Anti-SPAM Protection

With our servers, you can protect your users from spam mail and phish attacks with high-end anti-spam solutions such as SpamAssassin, Amavis and ClamAV. You can also add an additional AntiSpam layer in Cloudoon Firewall to stay ahead of modern day cybersecurity threats and attack vectors.

Free SSL Certificates

Connecting your emails to Outlook or any other mail client is essential for most end users. This however, needs to be done securely. This is why your email hosted in Private Mail Servers will be issued with Free SSL Certificates – for life.

Top Questions About Private Email Server

1. What is the difference between Private Email Server and Shared Hosting email service?

Private Mail Server is a superior solution in that, you do not share your mailing IP with other users. The importance of this is that, your email delivarability is guaranteed as you are able to dodge issues of IP blacklisting or rate limiting(your mail being deferred due to too many mails being sent out). These are challenges that may be experienced in shared hosting environments.

2. How many email addresses can I have?

You can have unlimited number of emails. As big as your organization is, you can keep creating as many emails as needed without additional costs.

3. How many emails can I send per hour?

We do not set any limits to number of emails you can send per hour. However, we encourage users who would choose to use this service for email marketing to follow the recommended bulk mailing standards. A good overview of this standard is from Gmail

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