What Are The Requirements To Register A New Domain

At Truehost, a diverse selection of new domains awaits your seamless acquisition. Although the process itself is straightforward, certain prerequisites must be met:

1. Terms of Service Compliance

Our robust security systems meticulously examine each newly registered domain at Truehost. All domains must align with our Terms of Service. Consequently, any domains deemed offensive, trademarked, or suspicious will undergo additional scrutiny.

2. Accurate Contact Details

When registering a domain, it is vital to provide correct and valid contact details. This requirement holds particular significance for ccTLDs, which encompass country-specific domains such as .CO.KE. These details undergo verification by domain registries and must remain up-to-date. As a result, in select cases, we may request verification documents, including:

– Registrant Photo ID (Government-issued Passport/Driving License/ID card)

– Address Proof (Utility bills)

– Phone Number Proof (Telephone bill)

– Proof of Incorporation

– Any government-issued certificate that validates business conducted using the domain name

3. Domain Registration Agreement Compliance

Following our Domain Registration Agreement, you assume responsibility for:

– Ensuring your contact details remain current at all times.

– Adhering to all applicable laws while utilizing the domain, encompassing privacy, data collection, consumer protection, and other relevant regulations.

– Employing the domains solely for legitimate purposes, refraining from engaging in deliberately malicious activities such as distributing malware, phishing, piracy, trademark infringement, and similar offenses.

Failure to comply with these requirements may lead to domain suspension or deletion. Detailed information regarding these matters can be found in our comprehensive Domain Name Registration Agreement.

Please take note:

If you decide to proceed with a domain refund, kindly review our Domain Refund Policy.

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