How To install WordPress Using Softaculous

How To Install Word Press Using Software Softaculous

Cpanel has a great application called Softaculous that downloads applications easily. It contains handy features that ease the management of these installations such as wordPress and Joomla. The softaculous features facilitate the download of large number of applications automatically through few clicks.


How to install applications in softaculous

  • log in Cpanel
  • Navigate to Software section and click the softaculous appearance






  • Click on the application you wound want to install in the menu














  • Click Install
  • Out of choice you can fill details of your email for a copy to be sent to your email
  • Choose the protocol e.g http;
  • Choose the domain and the folder the app will be sent to
  • The database name stands as it is
  • Choose your username and password that is secure and lastly your preffered language.
  • Click install and once its installed a message of success pops.

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