Running Litespeed All The Way Round

Litespeed Web Server is a very fast and popular web server used in cPanel. Its the new standard and is built to be faster than Nginx and as flexible as Apache – making it the best fit for shared hosting environments.

Truehost now supports Litespeed Webserver on cPanel Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting.

What Makes Litespeed So Special.

Litespeed is built to beat Apache and Nginx in terms of speed. Speed is a major factor on hosting a website. Slow sites make visitors angry.

Litespeed BenchMarks

WordPress Performance Benchmark on Litespeed: Courtesy:

Below are some of the reasons you want your sites to run on Litespeed

Event-Driven Architecture

This means, Litespeed uses less resources compared to Apache. Hence more visitors can be served on your site with the same hosting package you have. No need for upgrades!

Understands Apache Rewrite Rules

Litespeed is a drop in replacement of Apache. This means, the same rewrite rules you use with Apache on .htaccess file will work on Litespeed. No need to learn new tricks.

Built for Speed and Security

Litespeed is built to be faster and more secure than Apache. Features like Ant DDOS protection and bandwidth throtling are available on Litespeed

Faster loading sites

Litespeed supports PHP LiteSpeed SAPI which makes PHP applications to run 50% faster. Special attention is given to wordpress sites with LSCache which improves wordpress site performance up to 12x

How to Enable Litespeed

On cPanel hosting, this is already enabled by default and no action is required from your side. Simply enjoy the service on any cPanel hosting package

On VPS, you can either install tPanel, our own control panel, from the ready image on your VPS hosting using this One Click Installation guide

Alternatively, you can install Litespeed Webserver using the installation guides below

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