Reasons for registering multiple domain extensions

‘’It starts with a great domain name” is a phrase most might have encountered. It is the initial step of having an established online presence and is mainly termed as the address which people use to locate you or your business online. However, it does not stop from just having a domain name. There is much more revolving around it, e.g brand building, content, design, etc. Just to address one among several, is the reason why you need multiple domain extensions.

Enhanced competitive position.
Registering multiple domain extensions gives your business an upper hand in terms of the competition within the market. As you thrive online, competitors are always looking for a way to outshine your business, and they will end up registering a similar domain related to your business, but with a different extension. This way the competitor will create confusion and drive traffic to their websites and this will surely affect your business negatively.

Brand protection
Any online firm or business must prioritize brand and online identity protection. Securing a variety of domain names will undoubtedly increase your brand’s visibility and stop rival businesses from stealing your business’s identity.

Fraud prevention
Registering multiple domain extensions minimizes the chances of fraudsters using your brand for fraudulent activities. Suppose your brand has only a .com domain extension and has an established brand reputation, a cyber-gang may register a similar domain name with a different extension, for example, a .xyz, .buzz, or any other, create a similar website to yours and use it to defraud others. This will create a negative reputation for your business, and sometimes it may go beyond recovery. Customer trust will be lost, and your business will go down.

Establish a catch-all channel.
It is much simpler to identify a website that has numerous domain names connected to it. When searching online, customers prefer to have more options for discovering you. Again, most customers who search online are most likely to remember the domain name, but less likely to remember the domain extension. Registering several domain extensions, and redirecting them to your main websites reduces the chances of leading the customers astray.

Geographical possibilities
In order to help customers to find local businesses, search engines use geolocation extensions. Websites with country-level extensions typically rank higher when a person in a given country searches for a business. By obtaining geographical domain extensions for the nations you wish to sell to, you may help your business expands internationally.

Having numerous domain extensions registered is advantageous in the eyes of many businesses. It enables businesses to sell to a larger market and shields their company from thieves and rivals. It also makes it easier for clients to find them. In fact, it’s worthwhile to consider the prospects these new TLDs present given the abundance of them is already available.

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    1. ann m

      To confirm if you have created a website, go to your browser, type the domain name, and click enter. The domain will display what is stored on its hosting.

  1. ann m

    To order for multiple domain extensions you search using the domain without extension , so that all domains related to that name appear below, showing available or taken. Add to cart Preferred available domains and checkout to pay.
    Park these domains on your hosting account.How To add a Parked Domain In Cpanel

  2. ann m

    To protect the website information for your domain, please order for ID protection/ Whois privacy service for the domain name. If your domain is already registered, go to Domain addons and select whois protection

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    It’s very difficult to navigate through your website, to buy domain name is very very difficult

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