How To Backup Your VPS From Client Area

Do you want to backup your VPS from the client area? Well, it’s a simple process, and we’ll share how to here.

The client area is a useful tool to manage your services with ease. Truehost offers backup options for various services they provide.

Having a backup ensures the safety of your data. It also helps restore your data in case of your service goes down.

Let’s proceed to backup your VPS from the client area:

First, log in to the client area using your email and password. You can choose to use Google or Facebook for automatic sign-in.

Once you have signed in, proceed to the services tab. Select the VPS you want to back up. 

Truehost Client Area Services

On the next page that loads, scroll down to VPS Management. 

Now click on backups, and the pop-up that loads, select the Backup Date option, and it displays Backup now.

backup your VPS from the client area

It is for those who haven’t backed up the VPS before. Finally, click Backup Now, and you will receive an email when the backup is complete.

It’s that easy to backup your VPS from the client area.

There are many advantages to backing up your VPS. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Protection from data loss: If your VPS is lost or damaged, you can restore your data from the backup.
  • Protection from malware: Malware can damage your data or even take control of your VPS. A backup can help restore your data and get your VPS back up and running.
  • Compliance: Some businesses must keep backups of their data for compliance reasons. A backup can help you meet these requirements.
  • Disaster recovery: If your VPS is lost or damaged due to a disaster, you can restore your data from the backup.

Overall, backing up your VPS is a wise investment that can protect you from various data loss scenarios.

Do it today and enjoy a smooth service delivery.

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