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How To Use Trello For Blogging (Helpful Ideas)

How to use Trello for blogging?

As a blogger, the best way to be highly productive is by getting organized. Whether you are a full-time blogger or a part-time blogger, you can only manage to utilize every single minute of your day by getting organized. 

Gone are the days when we used to write sticky notes and stick them all over our walls. 

A notebook can easily get forgotten or misplaced leading to inconveniences. No one forgets their phones or computers to the most considerable amazement. 

Having a reliable app to help in organizing and tracking our tasks is a lifesaver for most of us who work online. There are a ton of these apps on the app store, hence it’s necessary to pick the best and most powerful app for your convenience. 

That brings us to Trello, an authentic digital tool that helps keep your blogging life in order by increasing the productivity and organization of your work and thoughts. 

Trello gives you a bonus to be able to manage your projects and collaborate with your workmates.

What is Trello?

Trello is a list-making application that offers project management and organization features to help you organize tasks and scheme out processes. You get to organize your work on a Trello board, where you can add various lists and cards to the boards.

Trello features best suited for bloggers

  • Checklists. You can track all the tasks, done, undone, and in progress.
  • Integrate top work tools. Trello integrates with other software and apps such as confluence, slack, dropbox, google drive, Evernote, and others. It also integrates with Zapier so you can create automated tasks.
  • Due dates. You can schedule and manage deadlines for your articles and add a deadline reminder.
  • Attachments. File attachments help to break down bigger tasks into manageable portions for example article topics and subtopics.
  • Conversations. You can add comments with emojis reactions. You can also assign article topics to your team and hand out work.
  • Calendar. It helps with time management and when scheduling meetings and appointments. You can stay on top of your to-do lists and avoid surprises.
  • Dashboard. You can visualize all the key metrics of your projects and easily manage workloads. The workspace table view helps to add, sort, and filter cards as well as move cards from one board to another by clicking and dragging.
  • Trello map. You can display location-based data like attending or planning events.
  • Collaboration. You can add members onboard for work collaborations.
  • Mobile app. Trello has an easy-to-use mobile app with an offline mode so you stay on your work even in remote areas.
  • Customizable background. You can make your workspace to your liking look by customizing the background.

Ways to use Trello as a bloggers

Editorial calendar

As a blogger, you have ideas of the topics you want to write about, the topics already in the schedule for future posts, projects you are working on, and published articles. 

Trello helps to keep track of all these lists and assign due dates to your cards. Whenever you add a due date, it is updated on your calendar, and from the calendar, you can view all the upcoming due dates for different tasks. 

You can also track your work for continuation when you have to attend to other businesses off work and later continue with the incomplete tasks.

Establishing workflows

Planning your work is one thing and having a workflow is an entirely different thing. 

A workflow lists the process of your tasks in steps ie. all the requirements for your blog before posting, and documents your operating procedure on board. 

This helps to accomplish tasks seamlessly and a lot faster without having to remember every step of your task. It can also act as a reference for your virtual assistant or other outside help to keep them updated with your work. You can also make quick changes when necessary and stay organized. 

Planning minor projects

To easily tackle your projects and stay focused as you avoid feeling overwhelmed, breaking your work into smaller parts is a clever hack. 

Some blogs do not need much work, hence you can also add them to lists just like the small parts of your bigger projects. 

Working this way helps you to focus on smaller tasks at a time hence performing quality work and maintaining the strength to stay productive throughout all your projects.

Planning major projects

For instance, if you have a blog project for your business site’s new product, you will need to dedicate a Trello board to the whole project and plan all the tasks on the board. 

This will keep your entire project organized and you will be able to track all the steps towards achieving the goal of the project. Documenting all the processes on Trello will help you stay organized and productive.

Longterm planning

With blogging, you can never run out of writing ideas. Planning helps you stay on top of your blogging game and it is the key to success as a blogger. You can brainstorm and list all the ideas  about potential topics on your Trello board. 

These ideas can later graduate to topics that you can then schedule on your calendar and write about. 

The ideas list can be as long as your mind can list since Trello has no limit to list size. This will guarantee endless topics for your everyday blogging and you can never be worried about a lack of blogging content.

Blogger collaborations

When working with a team or with a virtual assistant for your blog or for blogging collaborations, Trello is the best workspace to keep everyone on track and updated. 

Work runs coherently when everyone in the team is well informed and updated with the process. 

On Trello, you can add people to your team and allocate resources and tasks to everyone, making everyone aware of their tasks and the due dates for each job. You can also have a conversation with your team or your VA and leave comments or find feedback on respective issues. 

Personal organization

As a blogger, you also have a personal life and tasks to accomplish off of your online writing work. Trello allows you to get personal projects organized and plan them in a way that coexists with your blogging life. 

To be productive at work, you have to keep your personal life organized and productive as well. 

For example, planning events around your family such as birthdays, trips, movie nights, etc, will give you peace of mind when you have to work, knowing that everything and everyone in your life is well accommodated and planned for.

Final Thoughts

Trello is the most reliable digital tool that helps you keep track of your blog tasks at a glance. As a blogger, having a central location for all your blogging content and your life projects is the best way to stay organized and it allows you to have more control over your blogging life and your personal life. 

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