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GPU Virtual Machines


  • 2x more performance (FP16) than a NVIDIA T4
  • 3X Faster Than NVIDIA P100 for Training Your Deep Learning Models
  • All Mod & Plugin Support
  • 47X More Throughput Than an Intel Xeon CPU E5-2690V4 @2.6GHz for AI/ML Inference

24/7 Support

99.95% Uptime

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

NVIDIA GPU Server Hosting Prices

Get the deal you deserve

Rent NVIDIA Tesla V100S

Supercharge your data processing capabilities by utilizing our cloud GPU instances to train and run your AI services.

Take advantage of our cutting-edge Nvidia Tesla V100S LE GPUs, available at incredibly discounted prices compared to our standard offerings.

Act fast as this offer is limited to the current stock availability.

Unleash the power of NVIDIA GPU hosting and elevate your projects with our top-notch GPU server hosting solutions!


Simple and cost-effective

We’ve got you covered when it comes to data transfer, API calls, and private network (vRack) charges – they’re all included in our packages! And rest assured, our offers are always competitively priced for top-notch performance.

Transparency and reversibility

We offer solutions that are open source, such as OpenStack and Managed Kubernetes Service, along with market-standard options. As a founding member of Gaia-X and the Open Invention Network (OIN), we ensure simple and predictable billing for all our services.

Trusted and secure cloud

Wow, the ISO 27000 family of information security management standards is like a superhero squad of complementary standards! When you bring them together, they create a powerhouse framework for managing IT security that’s recognized worldwide and follows all the best practices. It’s like having an elite team on your side to keep your data safe and sound!

24/7 Servers & Support

Experience unparalleled customer service with our top-notch team, providing 24/7 live chat support from expert server administrators who are dedicated to keeping your GPU server running smoothly.


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