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5 Reasons Professional Web Hosting Services Are Crucial for Good SEO

Your website is the face of your brand.

Yes, you heard that right. The website speaks about the brand you are selling. As an owner, it is crucial to make it aesthetically presentable and ensure it has everything the audience needs.

But wait, there’s more to that. 

5 Reasons Professional Web Hosting Services Are Crucial for Good SEO

Source: Pexels

Apart from the brand representation is how the website can adequately reach the target market. It is none other than having quality search-engine-optimized content. What your brand talks about must be easy to search for, especially if your brand is fighting with several competitors.

While there are social media and email marketing to help spread brand awareness and improve search intent, you must learn how to work through your website.

It’s a good thing that there are professional web hosting services that can assist in achieving good SEO for your website. 

Read more from this blog about why these are essential in ranking your website.

Server uptime and site speed

When a website takes minutes to load and often experiences downtime, it could indicate an underdeveloped site. 

How accessible your website is will depend significantly on the caliber of your web host. Your website will be offline more frequently if the host is of lower quality, which can hurt your SEO rankings.

Ensuring high server uptime and fast site speed

Choosing a highly-reputable web hosting service offers efficient and affordable assistance. It has all the necessary functions available for maintaining speed and high uptime.

Because of its high uptime and ability to serve web pages rapidly, your site will accommodate an increasing number of visitors while delivering the finest user experience. 

So, you should choose web hosting services that provide quick speeds and high uptime to ensure seamless online accessibility and superior website performance. 

Based on data collected for a page load time study in 2022, here are the following observations:

  • 1-3 seconds of load time increase the bounce rate by 32%
  • 1-5 seconds of load time increase the bounce rate by 90%
  • 1-6 seconds load time increases the bounce rate by 106%
  • 1-10 seconds load time increases bounce rate by 123%

Another survey conducted by Status Cake in 2021 stated that 71% of companies experience unplanned partial website downtime, and 100% experience planned downtime, affecting the SEO performance of the website.

Domain authority and backlinks

Achieving a high score in domain authority means you have a high-performing website. Domain authority increases when there are many backlinks redirected to the website.

You must ensure that all these backlinks are relevant to your site to garner a high domain authority score. One recommended way to achieve this is to obtain quality backlinks through high-quality content and efficient SEO efforts.

Improving domain authority and acquiring high-quality backlinks

Building high domain authority and backlinks requires thorough effort and strategic planning. Most businesses want to gain links from high-authority websites because they offer the most link equity. 

When you have a trusted web hosting service, you can be sure to gain quality domain authority and backlinks, as it means that your website is from a reputable host. More websites will be comfortable offering backlinks.

Since website hosting providers are keen on providing malware/virus-free sites, secured domains, and a robust firewall, it is less likely to get toxic backlinks with poor domain authority.

Technical SEO and customization options

As more websites compete to target the highest ranking in search engines, optimizing your website using SEO is becoming more challenging.

For a website to be fully optimized for technical SEO, your website needs to:

  • Be secured
  • Mobile optimized
  • Free of duplicate content
  • Fast loading

Another thing is how your website offers a unique and tailored experience for users can significantly affect SEO through proper targeting of keywords.

Providing advanced technical SEO features and customization options

Web hosting for better optimization is achieved with the proper tools to improve technical SEO and offer customization options. It would be best to look for highly sought-after web hosting services to avoid wasting all your SEO efforts.

With plenty of choices, only top-notch web hosting services have advanced features that can improve SEO for your website. It comes with different features, and you should be looking at some value-adds that can upgrade your site:

  • Automatic backups
  • SSL
  • Multiple hosting plans

Security and site maintenance

Site maintenance and security are two pillars of web hosting services features that you must look for. You can achieve better rankings and backlinks with a secured and maintained website. 

If someone hacks or compromises your website, it can lead to a drop in your rankings. Nobody wants an unsecured website that is prone to malfunctions. Your site will receive more visits than expected if it fully functions well.

Ensuring strong security and regular site maintenance

A well-established web hosting software has all the necessary features you’ll need to maintain and ensure that you have a secure website. Look for one trusted by many and affordable enough for ROI purposes.

Getting backups won’t be a bad thing, too, since your website might be compromised anytime. Always note that the best cloud web hosting services often experience glitches too. Better prepare backups in case the worst happens.

Sometimes, you might experience these security threats that can impact SEO performance on your website:

  • Shared hosting. Many other sites can access your server, and web host providers can prevent it by offering a virtual private server.
  • Virus and malware. This is a common threat you may experience in a newly built website, and a hosting provider can identify and remove if there are possible viruses or malware.
  • Distributed Denial of Service attacks. This happens when an overwhelming amount of traffic is sent to the website, and a web host provider can prevent it at the edge of a good network.

24/7 tech support and resources

A website with readily available tech support is what most audiences look for. Knowing there is a support team to answer concerns immediately is a relief.

When users know about this, there is a big chance of getting more site visits. Tech support is efficient as it responds quickly, reducing response time. It keeps the workflow running smoothly and enhances user experience too.

It is crucial, especially for new entrepreneurs. Finding the best web hosting service providers for small businesses can be challenging, but once you score one, it will do wonders for your website SEO. Moreover, it can increase sales and engagement.

Some examples of tech support and resources that web hosting services may offer are the following:

  • Strengthening security and performance by isolating server accounts to avoid the demise of entire networks
  • Provides a reliable and stable performance for cloud computing
  • A dedicated tech support team will ask about specific concerns and help troubleshoot any issues

Using professional web hosting services for improving website SEO

Whether you are a starting or developed brand, it is crucial to know the importance of ERP systems to streamline workflow and be aware of the excellent web hosting services that can increase brand visibility. 

Using professional web hosting services for improving website SEO

Source: Pexels

Scoring a quality web hosting provider is a win. Businesses should learn that web hosting provides several opportunities to improve SEO performance like the following:

  • Readily available tech support
  • Website security and maintenance
  • Technical SEO and customization options
  • Improved domain authority and backlinks
  • Ensure high server uptime and fast site speed

If you are a new brand looking to develop and host your website, it is best to look for a website hosting provider that boosts SEO performance for better brand awareness and gathering leads that will turn into sales.

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