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Minecraft Servers In Virginia: Providers + Costs

Minecraft servers are like virtual playgrounds for the 2009 Mojang Studios video game, Minecraft.

These servers, owned either by players or businesses, open up a world of possibilities for gaming enthusiasts.

You can join in the fun online or connect with friends via a local network, turning your Minecraft experience into a shared adventure.

Minecraft Servers In Virginia

Benefits Of Minecraft Servers In Virginia

1. Improved Gaming Performance

Minecraft Servers In Virginia offer a whole new level of gaming with InMotion Hosting’s latest Minecraft servers, now powered by cloud-based VPS.

These servers ensure ultra-low latency connections, meaning players in Virginia can enjoy virtually lag-free gameplay.

Achieving an impressive 99.99% uptime, these servers promise a smooth and uninterrupted multiplayer experience.

2. Get Closer to the Action

Introducing the VA Network Minecraft Server, a multiplayer haven operating on version 1.15.2.

Designed to foster a fun and enjoyable gaming environment, this server goes beyond just gameplay.

It’s a place where users can collaborate, unleash their creativity, build lasting connections, enhance teamwork skills, and, most importantly, have a blast.

3. Localized Fun for Virginia Players

With strategically located servers in Virginia, gaming enthusiasts can reap the benefits of enhanced connection stability.

Say goodbye to frustrating lags and disruptions.

By bringing the servers closer to the Virginia community, players can forge stronger bonds and actively engage with a more closely-knit gaming community.

Popular Minecraft Server Hosting Providers In Virginia

1. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has recently unveiled brand-new Minecraft servers, harnessing the power of cloud-based VPS.

These servers promise players an exceptional gaming experience with ultra-low latency connections and an impressive 99.99% uptime.


  1. Tiny: $3.99 per month (billed monthly) or $34.99 per month (billed annually)
  2. Small: $5.99 per month (billed monthly) or $54.99 per month (billed annually)
  3. Medium: $9.99 per month (billed monthly) or $89.99 per month (billed annually)
  4. Large: $14.99 per month (billed monthly) or $129.99 per month (billed annually)
  5. Extra Large: $24.99 per month (billed monthly) or $229.99 per month (billed annually)

2. WiseHosting

WiseHosting stands out by offering Minecraft server hosting for both Java and Bedrock editions.

Their high-end servers are online 24/7, ensuring players from around the globe can always dive into the Minecraft world.


  • Zombie 2 GB RAM: $3.59/mo
  • Skeleton 3 GB RAM: $5.39/mo
  • Slime 5 GB RAM: $10.79/mo
  • Wither 24 GB RAM: $57.59/mo

3. Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting takes pride in providing Minecraft server hosting with lag-free hardware.

Their commitment to customer support is evident through their 24/7 live chat assistance and informative video guides.


The cost of an Apex Hosting Minecraft server varies depending on the plan and billing cycle chosen.

The basic plan starts at $6.99 first month with a recurring Price $9.99/mo Billed Monthly.

You can go up to $34.99 first month (Recurring Price $49.99/mo
Billed Monthly).

2GB RAMBasic servers & some modpacks
First month: $6.99
Recurring Price: $9.99/mo Billed Monthly
3GB RAMBasic servers & some modpacks
First month: $10.49
Recurring Price: $14.99/mo Billed Monthly
4GB RAMBasic servers & most modpacks
First month: $13.99
Recurring Price: $19.99/mo Billed Monthly
5GB RAMBasic servers & most modpacks
First month: $17.49
Recurring Price: $24.99/mo Billed Monthly
6GB RAMBasic servers & most modpacks
First month: $20.99
Recurring Price: $29.99/mo Billed Monthly
8GB RAMBasic servers & all modpacks
First month: $27.99
Recurring Price: $39.99/mo Billed Monthly
10GB RAMBasic servers & all modpacks
First month: $34.99
Recurring Price: $49.99/mo Billed Monthly
First month: $2.99
Recurring Price: $2.99/mo Billed Monthly

4. Starhill Site Server

Situated in Ashburn, Virginia, Starhill Site Server offers a robust dedicated server.

What sets it apart is its welcoming community and support for bedrock crossplay, making it an attractive choice for Minecraft enthusiasts.

5. Dragon’s Virginia Minecraft Server

Immerse yourself in a community of creative minds sharing the Minecraft magic since 2010.

Discover a world where your imagination can run wild!

Whether you’re seeking ultra-low latency, comprehensive server support, or a friendly gaming community, these Minecraft server hosting providers in Virginia have something unique to offer.

Take your time exploring the options to find the perfect fit for your gaming needs.

Setting Up Your Own Minecraft Server in Virginia

1. What Your Computer Needs

When you want to make your own Minecraft world in Virginia, you have to think about what your computer needs to work its best.

Here’s what you should know:

  • The Brain (Processor): Your computer needs a good brain to run Minecraft smoothly. Something like an Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 x2 works just fine.
  • Memory (RAM): Imagine RAM as your computer’s short-term memory. You need at least 2GB to play Minecraft, but if you want it to be super smooth, it’s better to have more.
  • Space (Storage): Minecraft needs a bit of space to save your world. Make sure you have at least 200MB for saving everything.

If you want an even better experience, especially if you’ll play with lots of friends, think about getting a computer with something like an Intel Core i5-4690 or an AMD equal, and more RAM.

2. Getting the Right Programs

To make your Minecraft world, you need to use the right programs and follow some steps.

Different services can help you with this. Here’s what you should think about:

  • Follow the Steps: Many hosting services give you a guide that shows you what to do step by step. Just follow that guide.
  • Software for Virginia: If you’re making your server in Virginia, make sure to set it up right for this area. This makes it work better for you and your friends who play with you.
  • Doing It Yourself: If you’re using your own computer as the server, you need Minecraft Java Edition and know a bit about commands. But if you choose a web hosting service, pick a plan that has enough RAM to run Minecraft well for you and your friends.

By thinking about what your computer needs and using the right programs, you can make your own Minecraft world in Virginia.

It’s all about having the best time when you play!

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Community Building and Administration

Setting Rules for a Fun Gaming Experience

In Minecraft server, it’s crucial to make sure everyone has a good time.

We do this by having some rules.

These rules are like a guide for how we should act and play.

We want everyone to be respectful and play fair.

Making sure everyone knows the rules is important.

We talk about how to behave nicely, what not to do (like griefing), and what’s considered fair play.

If someone doesn’t follow the rules, we act quickly to fix things.

This helps keep the gaming community friendly and enjoyable for everyone.

Let’s Promote!

To make our Minecraft server more exciting, we need more players.

A great way to do this is by telling people about our server.

We use social media like Twitter, Discord, and special Minecraft forums to share news and interesting things happening on our server.

But it’s not just about talking – it’s about doing fun stuff too.

We organize events in the game, like competitions, treasure hunts, and challenges.

This makes our current players happy, and new players want to join the fun.

It’s like throwing a big party in the Minecraft world, and everyone’s invited.

Building a Strong Minecraft Community

So, here’s the plan.

We set clear rules for good behavior and fair play.

Everyone knows and follows them.

Then, we tell the world about our awesome server through social media and in-game events.

This way, we create a lively and welcoming Minecraft community in Virginia, where everyone can have a great time together.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Running a Minecraft server in Virginia can bring about a set of technical challenges that might affect your gaming experience.

Common problems include issues with connecting to the network, server delays, or clashes between different plugins.

To resolve these, you can start by checking your network settings, fine-tuning server preferences, and identifying and fixing conflicts between plugins or mods.

Remember, keeping an eye on these technical aspects helps in maintaining a smooth gaming environment.

Server Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your server is like giving it a regular health check to ensure it performs at its best.

This involves updating the server software, keeping an eye on how resources are being used, and creating regular backups to avoid losing important game data.

Consider using automated monitoring tools; they can help you spot and fix potential issues before they become major problems.

Community Management Challenges and Strategies

Dealing with Conflict

Managing a gaming community involves more than just technical know-how.

Sometimes, players may have conflicts, like disagreements over in-game actions or interactions.

To handle this, it’s crucial to establish clear rules and guidelines.

Having a dedicated team for moderation can make a big difference in addressing and resolving conflicts effectively.

This ensures that the gaming environment stays positive and enjoyable for everyone.

Implementing Effective Moderation

Creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere in your gaming community requires effective moderation.

This means not only enforcing rules but also dealing with disruptive behavior.

To achieve this, consider using chat filters to catch inappropriate language, appointing reliable moderators, and setting up clear channels for conflict resolution.

This way, you’re fostering a community where everyone can have a great time while respecting the rules.

By actively addressing technical challenges through troubleshooting and maintenance and managing community challenges through effective conflict resolution and moderation, you can guarantee a positive and enjoyable Minecraft server experience in Virginia.

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Final Thoughts On Minecraft Servers In Virginia

In conclusion, Minecraft server hosting in Virginia offers numerous benefits, including low latency, high performance, and regional accessibility.

Popular hosting providers such as InMotion Hosting, WiseHosting, and Apex Hosting offer a range of features to support Minecraft server hosting. 

Effective community management involves establishing clear rules and guidelines, promoting the server through social media engagement and in-game events, and addressing conflicts among players. 

Future trends in Minecraft server hosting in Virginia may be influenced by technological advancements in hardware and software, potential VR integration, and the inclusion of custom mods and plugins. 

Minecraft enthusiasts are encouraged to explore server hosting in Virginia to create a thriving and inclusive Minecraft community.

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