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Managed MongoDB Hosting: #8 Best Free + Paid Options

Managing a MongoDB database can be a complex and time-consuming task.

From provisioning and scaling to backups and security, the administrative overhead can be overwhelming. This is where managed MongoDB hosting comes to the rescue.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of managed MongoDB hosting, its benefits, popular providers, pricing options, and even the cheapest ways to deploy MongoDB.

The Benefits of Managed MongoDB Hosting

Reduced Administrative Overhead

One of the key advantages of opting for managed MongoDB hosting is the reduction in administrative overhead.

With a managed hosting service, the provider takes care of all the day-to-day administration tasks associated with your MongoDB databases.

This allows developers and businesses to focus their time and resources on more important aspects of their projects, rather than getting bogged down in database management.

Improved Performance

Managed MongoDB hosting providers possess the expertise and resources to optimize your MongoDB clusters for optimal performance.

They can fine-tune the infrastructure, allocate resources efficiently, and implement best practices to ensure that your databases run smoothly.

This results in improved performance compared to self-hosted MongoDB databases.

Reduced Risk of Data Loss

Data loss or corruption can be disastrous for any business.

Managed MongoDB hosting providers understand the importance of data security and implement robust measures to protect your valuable information.

Encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular backups are some of the security features you can expect from reliable hosting providers.

By entrusting your databases to experts, you can minimize the risk of data loss or unauthorized access.

Popular Managed MongoDB Hosting Providers

When it comes to managed MongoDB hosting, there are several reputable providers to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options:

MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas Logo

MongoDB Atlas is the official managed hosting service from MongoDB, the creators of MongoDB itself. It offers a comprehensive range of features, making it suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises. With automatic provisioning, scaling, backups, and a focus on security, MongoDB Atlas is a top choice for many.


ObjectRocket is another well-known managed MongoDB hosting provider. It offers a variety of features and pricing options to suit different needs. Their services are known for their reliability and scalability, making them a popular choice among businesses of all sizes.


ScaleGrid Logo

ScaleGrid specializes in providing high-performance managed MongoDB clusters. With a focus on performance optimization and scalability, ScaleGrid is an excellent choice for applications that require high throughput and low latency.

Clever Cloud

Clever Cloud offers a fully managed MongoDB hosting solution, catering to businesses that prefer a hands-off approach. With a range of features and a reputation for excellent customer support, Clever Cloud is worth considering for those seeking a hassle-free hosting experience.


Compose Logo

Compose is a managed MongoDB hosting provider that places a strong emphasis on security and compliance.

With their fully managed solution, you can rest assured knowing that your data is protected, while enjoying the benefits of a scalable and reliable database infrastructure.

Cloud 66

Cloud 66 Logo

Cloud 66 focuses on developer productivity with their managed MongoDB hosting solution. They offer a fully managed service, taking care of deployment, scaling, and monitoring, so you can focus on writing code and building your applications.


mLab Logo

mLab offers a variety of pricing options and a focus on scalability. With their managed MongoDB hosting service, you can easily scale your databases as your needs grow, ensuring that your applications can handle increased traffic and data volumes.


Kamatera Logo

Kamatera provides a high-performance solution for managed MongoDB hosting. With a focus on flexibility, they offer customizable plans and powerful infrastructure to meet the demands of resource-intensive applications.

These are just a few of the many managed MongoDB hosting providers available. When choosing a provider, it’s important to consider your specific needs, such as scalability requirements, security features, and support options.

Pricing Considerations for MongoDB Hosting

The cost of managed MongoDB hosting varies depending on several factors, including the size of your database, expected traffic, and required features. Let’s take a look at the pricing options offered by some popular managed MongoDB hosting providers:

MongoDB Atlas Pricing

MongoDB Atlas offers a range of pricing plans, starting at $9 per month for a shared instance and going up to $57 per month for a dedicated instance. The pricing is based on factors such as storage capacity, memory, and throughput, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your needs.

ObjectRocket Pricing

ObjectRocket offers various pricing plans, starting at $19 per month for a shared instance and going up to $59 per month for a dedicated instance. The pricing is determined by factors such as storage capacity, memory, and IOPS (input/output operations per second).

ScaleGrid Pricing

ScaleGrid provides pricing options starting at $25 per month for a shared instance and going up to $2016 per month for a dedicated instance. The pricing is influenced by factors such as storage capacity, memory, and network throughput.

Clever Cloud Pricing

Clever Cloud offers pricing plans starting at €17.50 per month for a shared instance and going up to €1,150 per month for a dedicated instance. The pricing is based on factors such as CPU, memory, and storage capacity.

It’s important to note that additional charges may apply for services such as data transfer, backups, and additional security features. Comparing the pricing plans of different providers will help you find the best option that meets your requirements and budget.

The Cheapest Ways to Deploy MongoDB

If you’re looking for cost-effective ways to deploy MongoDB, consider the following options:

Free Tiers from Cloud Providers

Many cloud providers offer free tiers for MongoDB hosting, allowing you to get started without incurring any costs.

For example, MongoDB Atlas provides a free tier that allows you to deploy a MongoDB cluster with up to 512 MB of RAM and 1 vCPU. This is a great option for small projects or applications with low resource requirements.

Deploying on a VPS

Another affordable option is to deploy MongoDB on a VPS (virtual private server).

By renting a VPS from a provider such as CloudPap, Linode, or Vultr, you can have more control over your deployment while keeping costs relatively low.

However, it’s important to note that managing a VPS requires technical expertise and the willingness to handle server administration tasks.

Self-Hosting on Your Own Hardware

For the most cost-effective approach, you can choose to self-host MongoDB on your own hardware.

This involves setting up and managing the entire infrastructure yourself.

While this option can be the cheapest in terms of ongoing costs, it requires significant upfront investment in hardware and the expertise to maintain and secure your infrastructure.

When deciding on the cheapest deployment option for MongoDB, consider factors such as the size of your database, expected traffic, and your technical skills.

Choosing the right approach ensures that you have a cost-effective solution that meets your specific needs.

Conclusion: Simplify Your MongoDB Management with Managed Hosting

Managed MongoDB hosting offers a convenient and efficient solution for businesses and developers who want to offload the administrative burden of managing their MongoDB databases.

If you can partner with a reputable managed hosting provider, you can enjoy reduced administrative overhead, improved performance, and reduced risk of data loss.

With a variety of features and pricing options, providers like MongoDB Atlas, ObjectRocket, ScaleGrid, Clever Cloud, Compose, Cloud 66, mLab, and Kamatera cater to different needs and requirements.

When considering managed MongoDB hosting, it’s important to evaluate pricing plans, considering factors such as the size of your database, expected traffic, and desired features.

While managed hosting can be a cost-effective option, especially when compared to the expenses of self-hosting and maintaining your own infrastructure, it’s essential to choose a plan that aligns with your budget and growth potential.

For those seeking the most affordable options, free tiers from cloud providers like MongoDB Atlas, deploying on a VPS, or self-hosting on your own hardware can be viable choices.

However, it’s important to weigh the cost savings against the technical expertise required and the scalability limitations of each option.

Ultimately, managed MongoDB hosting allows you to focus on what matters most: building your applications and growing your business.

By entrusting your MongoDB databases to the experts, you can streamline your operations, enhance security, and ensure optimal performance, all while saving time and resources.

So, whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, consider managed MongoDB hosting as a valuable investment in your database management infrastructure.


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