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Create the Glorious Mongolian Flag in Minecraft Step-by-Step

The national flag of Mongolia consists of a red background with a blue band across the bottom and the Mongolian symbol, the soyombo, in yellow in the center.

The national flag of Mongolia consists of a red background with a blue band across the bottom and the Mongolian symbol, the soyombo, in yellow in the center.

Recreating this simple yet meaningful flag in Minecraft is a great way to show Mongolian pride or decorate builds with national themes.

This guide will walk through step-by-step how to gather the necessary materials, build the base layers, construct the soyombo emblem, and bring it all together to make the iconic Mongolian flag in Minecraft.

Whether playing solo or on a multiplayer server, players of all ages can learn this straightforward process.

Gathering materials needed

mongolian flag in minecraft

To make the Mongolian flag in Minecraft, you will need to gather the following materials:

  • Red wool or red concrete for the background
  • Blue wool or blue concrete for the band
  • Yellow wool or yellow concrete for the soyombo
  • A surface on which to build the flag (e.g. stone, wood planks)

Estimated quantities needed:

  • 6 stacks of red wool
  • 1 stack of blue wool
  • 1 stack of yellow wool


  • Use shears on red, blue, and yellow sheep to get wool
  • Make concrete by placing sand, gravel and dye in a furnace
  • An area of at least 11 blocks wide by 7 blocks tall works well

With these simple materials and preparations, you’ll be ready to start building the flag.

Making the Red Background

The red background is the most striking visual element of the Mongolian flag. Covering the majority of the flag area, this bold red field provides the foundation for then adding the other key components.

In the real Mongolian flag, the specific red hue is a warm, rich crimson shade. This bright red color was likely originally derived from the pigment vermilion – made from the mineral cinnabar and often used in Mongolian artwork and lacquerware designs.

To emulate this eye-catching red background in Minecraft, red wool and red concrete are the best materials to use.

These have a suitably vivid red color when placed in grid formation that will stand out beautifully against other backdrops.

Calculating How Much Red Wool/Concrete is Needed

When taking on a large block construction project like making the Mongolian flag in Minecraft, it’s important to calculate roughly how much of each material is needed before starting.

For the red wool/concrete for the background:

  • First decide on the total dimensions – standard sizes can range from a minimum of about 60 blocks wide by 40 blocks high, up to over 100+ blocks wide and 60+ blocks tall
  • Then multiply the width x height to get the total number of blocks needed just for the red layer

For example, constructing a Mongolian flag made of:

  • Wool blocks that is 60 blocks wide by 40 blocks high would require:
    • 60 x 40 = 2,400 red wool blocks
  • Concrete blocks that is 100 blocks wide by 60 blocks high would need:
    • 100 x 60 = 6,000 red concrete blocks

As you can imagine, larger flags can use tens of thousands of red blocks just for the solid background!

Tips on Gathering Enough Red Wool and Concrete

Acquiring thousands of matching red wool or concrete is one of the most time-intensive parts of creating massive pixel-art style banners in Minecraft. But with some consistent work and helpful methods, gathering all that red material gets easier.

Some tips include:

For Red Wool:

  • Set up enclosed sheep pens divided by color to breed sheep – regular shearing over time yields more red wool
  • Explore caves and the Nether wearing Looting enchanted swords/tools to maximize red dye drops to manually craft red wool
  • Trade emeralds with shepherd villagers to exchange for red wool
  • Kill spiders in dimly lit caves for lots of string to craft into red wool

For Red Concrete Powder:

  • Craft considerable quantities of red dye from resources like poppies, beetroots or red sand
  • Locate and harvest red sand from badland biomes to smelt into red sandstone, then craft back into red sand
  • Build an efficient concrete powder farm using water and lava towers to automate concrete production

With persistent gathering through mining, farming, trading and building infrastructure, you’ll systematically stockpile all the vibrant red material critical for constructing the Mongolian flag background.

Step-by-Step Process to Make the Red Background

Once you’ve acquired ample red wool and/or concrete for your intended Mongolian flag size, it’s time to start placing down blocks and building the structure.

Follow this process:

  1. Decide on a flat backdrop surface for your flag
    • Grass, stone, wood platforms all work fine
    • Just needs to support a large upright rectangle area
  2. Mark out the full width and height framework boundary
    • Count out width-length with pillars and height with bottom & top border rows
  3. Fill in a corner base layer of red wool/concrete
    • Provides aligned anchor edge to build inward from
  4. Progressively place rows of red blocks, filling in from bottom to top
    • Check symmetry and consistency of rows frequently
  5. Periodically step back to view coverage
    • Look for accidental gaps or uneven sections to fix
  6. Complete final top row to enclose full red background
    • Double check edges are all aligned & rectangular

Once all red rows are filled in cleanly from bottom to top, your foundational Mongolian flag backing will be complete!

Achieving Clean, Sharp Lines

When placing thousands of small blocks by hand to create a massive banner build, keeping the edges neat and angles precisely lined up can be challenging.

Here are some tips for achieving clean, sharp lines for your flag background:

  • Use grid views and maps to better identify uneven sections
  • Count blocks diligently when measuring out dimensions and placing rows
  • Employ alignment builds like temporary guiding pillars or string lines
  • Take regular breaks and re-evaluate work to spot issues
  • Collaborate with others by delegating build tasks into sections

With large constructions, expect and plan for needing to tweak small inaccuracies, and periodically step back to identify areas that need adjustment.

Having patience and not rushing the meticulous block-placing process will pay off with tighter line work!

Adding Interesting Backdrop Landscapes

The flat red backdrop can be rather plain on its own. But one great advantage of building the Mongolian flag in a Minecraft world is the ability to integrate the banner into more dynamic environments.

Consider placing the flag structure within:

  • Mountain ranges – carved into an epic cliffside or spanning tall peaks
  • Building facades – mounted proudly on village houses, castles or skyscrapers
  • Natural landscapes – surrounded by Steppe grasslands, Gobi Desert, or blue skies with clouds

Customizing where the flag resides and adding thematic geographical features for photo-realistic settings takes the build to the next level.

Brainstorm how the Mongolian banner could be showcased:

  • Billowing realistically on a flag pole as if blowing in the wind
  • With added particle effects like fireworks, sparkles, lens flares for energy
  • Framing it visibly through a landscape archway

The block-based nature of Minecraft provides so much room for creativity when displaying national symbols like flags. Take advantage by dreaming up inspiring backdrops that amplify the Mongolian flag’s presence!

Adding the Blue Band

The distinctive blue band stretching across the bottom of the Mongolian flag represents the eternal blue sky.

This key element contrasts beautifully with the vibrant red background.

Now that you have constructed the foundational red wool or concrete field for your Mongolian flag build, it’s time to focus on appending this iconic blue stripe.

When placing blue blocks keep in mind that the band should extend fully on the bottom to touch both edges.

Maintaining this uniform width will authentically replicate the real Mongolian flag.

Calculate Dimensions

  • The red background was created at minimum 11 blocks wide and 7 blocks tall
  • This means the blue band will need to span 11 blocks wide
  • The blue stripe only occupies the very bottom row

So calculate needing 11 blue wool or concrete blocks to go across the whole bottom row. Having extra blue material prepared allows flexibility.

Types of Blue Blocks

There are a few options for which vibrant blue blocks to use:

  • Blue wool
  • Blue stained clay
  • Blue stained glass
  • Blue concrete
WoolSoft textureLess saturated color
ClayVibrant toneNo transparency
GlassTranslucent shineCan look overly bright
ConcreteStrong colorApplies roughness

Start Blue Band Placement

Once you’ve chosen your preferred blue blocks, follow these steps:

  1. Stand at one bottom corner edge of the red flag background
  2. Begin placing blue blocks extending outward
  3. Continue putting down blue blocks until reaching the opposite bottom corner
  4. Verify the integrity of the blue stripe width

Taking a moment to ensure even alignment across the whole foundation will prevent issues down the line.

Pattern Options

After laying down the initial blue band, you can embellish further with patterns for more flair.

Common designs include gradients, borders, and emblems.

Gradient Shading

  • Use lighter and darker blue shades
  • Slowly transition color outward from center
  • Mimics fading sunlight reflection

Contrasting Border

  • Outline bottom blue band with thin white border
  • Heightens definition from red background
  • Makes stripe appear to “pop”

Cultural Symbols

  • Add Mongolian national images along bottom in white
  • Such as star and moon shapes
  • Represents cultural identity

Feel encouraged to get creative with different prints and markings along the blue banner!

Checking Alignment

When you finish applying your spectacular blue stripe embellishments, do one final alignment check:

  1. Walk the length of the bottom blue border
  2. Verify consistent width across entire flag
  3. Use counting blocks or guidelines to compare sides
  4. Adjust any uneven sections
  5. Confirm blue band touches both bottom corners

Taking extra time to realign elements solidifies the structure for adding future components.

Pat yourself on the back for successfully installing the bold blue band on your Mongolian flag masterpiece!

You now have the foundations established to construct the meaningful and intricate Soyombo symbol.

Next up, the exciting emblem Detail work commences!

Just follow our guidance through the exhilarating steps to crowning your flag artwork with the Yellow soyombo.

Your wondrous Mongolian Minecraft commemorative awaits!

Creating the yellow soyombo symbol

The next key element is to create the soyombo symbol in yellow and place it appropriately on the flag background.

The soyombo consists of:

  • Flame design at the top
  • Two curved triangles meeting in the middle
  • A horizontal diamond underneath

To build this:

  1. Refer to reference image of soyombo symbol to see design
  2. Start with flame pattern at top using yellow blocks
  3. Build the two triangles Coming out of flame and meeting evenly in middle
  4. Construct horizontal diamond below the triangles
  5. Align soyombo layout centered on flag background

This will complete the essential elements of the Mongolian national symbol.

Putting it all together

Once you have constructed the foundational flag background with:

  • Red field
  • Blue band along bottom
  • Yellow soyombo symbol in center

The final step is to:

  1. Review layout and ensure elements aligned properly
  2. Verify dimensions of flag are suitable (at least 11w x 7h)
  3. Make minor adjustments or corrections as needed
  4. Step back and appreciate your finished Mongolian flag!

Now you should have a wonderful representation of the iconic Mongolian flag in your Minecraft world!

Tips and tricks for adjustments

Here are useful tips for customizing your Mongolian flag build even further:

  • Make larger by increasing number of blocks
  • Add details to soyombo symbol with more yellow shades
  • Experiment with different materials like wool, concrete, etc
  • Incorporate into other Mongolian structures and landscapes
  • Adapt flag to hang vertically or sit on a pole
  • Build multiples or flag series from other countries

So be creative and have fun showing off your Mongolian pride with this special flag project in Minecraft!

Key Takeaways

To successfully construct the national flag of Mongolia in Minecraft, the key steps are:

  • Gather all required materials beforehand like red, blue, and yellow wool/concrete
  • Make the red background first as the base filling 11×7 blocks
  • Add the horizontal blue band along bottom row
  • Craft the yellow soyombo emblem centered on flag
  • Check positioning and sizing to match actual Mongolian flag
  • Customize with more details or incorporate into builds

Following this simple process, Minecraft players young and old can enjoy learning about and admiring the unique Mongolian culture through one of its most famous national symbols.

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