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GoDaddy vs Truehost – Which Offers Better Pricing in 2023?

GoDaddy and Truehost are two popular domain registrars and web hosting providers. But which one offers better pricing for domains, renewals, transfers, and SSL certificates? This comparison blog breaks it down so you can make an informed decision.

Domain Registration Pricing

Domain Registration Pricing

When it comes to domain registration pricing, Truehost has more affordable rates for popular TLDs:

TLDTruehost PriceGoDaddy Price

Truehost has lower registration fees for .com, .net, .org, and .info domains. The savings are most noticeable for .com names, where Truehost is $1.81 cheaper than GoDaddy.

Domain Renewal Pricing

Domain Renewal Pricing

Things change when looking at domain renewal rates:

TLDTruehost RenewalGoDaddy Renewal

Across the board, GoDaddy has more expensive domain renewals. The price difference ranges from $2.50 for .uk domains up to $25.62 for .info renewals.

Domain Transfers

You can transfer the .com domain at $9.99

For domain transfers, Truehost offers fixed 1-year pricing for popular TLDs:

TLDTruehost Transfer Price

GoDaddy charges a flat $10.99 transfer fee, except for which is free.

So if you’re transferring anything other than a domain, Truehost provides cheaper rates.

Domain Privacy and Protection

Domain Privacy and Protection

Truehost offers free Whois privacy on all domain purchases.

GoDaddy includes free privacy with domains, but charges up to $12.81 per year for premium protection services.

So when it comes to privacy and protection, Truehost once again comes out on top.

SSL Certificate Pricing

The biggest pricing differences emerge when comparing SSL certificates:

Domain Validation (DV) Certificates

ProductTruehost PriceGoDaddy Price
Basic DV$5/year$74.99/year
Wildcard DV$79.99/year£149.99/year

Truehost’s AskSSL certificates start at just $5/year for basic domain validation. GoDaddy charges $74.99/year for basic DV certificates.

For wildcard DV coverage, Truehost is nearly 50% cheaper at $79.99/year versus GoDaddy’s $149.99/year.

Organization Validation (OV) Certificates

ProductTruehost PriceGoDaddy Price
Basic OV$36.80/year$129.99/year

Truehost’s basic OV certificate is $93.19/year less expensive than GoDaddy’s offering.

Extended Validation (EV) Certificates

ProductTruehost PriceGoDaddy Price
EV Cert$123.20/year$189.99/year

For maximum trust and security, Truehost EV certificates deliver savings of $66.79/year over GoDaddy.

Final Verdict

Let’s summarize the key differences:

  • Domain Registration – Truehost still cheaper
  • Renewals – Truehost has better pricing
  • Transfers – Identical
  • Privacy – Free on Truehost but paid on GoDaddy
  • SSL Certs – Truehost is significantly cheaper
  • Support – Truehost offers better customer service

Looking at the updated 2023 pricing, Truehost still comes out ahead of GoDaddy in most aspects. From domain privacy to SSL cert costs, Truehost has the advantage.

While GoDaddy is a trusted name, Truehost offers better value in 2023. For affordable domains and hosting, I recommend choosing Truehost over GoDaddy.

So if you want to save money while getting great service, Truehost is the clear winner in this updated comparison.

Their mix of low prices and quality support make them a great choice for new and experienced website owners alike.


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