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A Step-by-Step Guide to Create New Zealand Flag in Minecraft

The New Zealand flag is a widely recognized national symbol, with its distinctive design featuring the Union Jack and Southern Cross constellation.

Recreating this iconic flag in Minecraft can be a fun, creative way for players to celebrate Kiwi culture or bring some South Pacific flair to their in-game builds.

This step-by-step guide will outline everything you need to know to faithfully construct the New Zealand flag block-by-block within Minecraft.

Whether you want to place the flag atop a virtual government building, sports stadium, or your own custom project, the adaptable nature of Minecraft makes building a playable piece of New Zealand iconography easy and enjoyable.

Some key reasons why Minecraft players may be interested in undertaking this build include:

  • Showcasing national pride through an iconic, recognizable symbol
  • Spicing up traditional buildings like capitol complexes with a unique flag
  • Trying out a more complex pixel art build requiring symmetry and precision
  • Creating an authentic touch for South Pacific or Oceania-inspired builds
  • Simply enjoying the creative, rewarding process of recreating a favorite flag design

So if you’re keen to try your hand at producing a playable version of the New Zealand flag within your Minecraft world, read on!

This guide will provide easy-to-follow steps outlining all the materials, dimensions, and construction advice you’ll need.

Gather Materials

Creating an authentic New Zealand flag in Minecraft requires obtaining a palette of specific blocks and items to re-create the iconic red, white, and blue design.

Having these materials prepared before beginning your build will make the construction process easier.

The full list of required blocks includes:

  • Wool (red, white, blue)
  • Terracotta (white)
  • Concrete (white, black)
  • Wood (for flag pole)
  • Lanterns (for lighting)
Red Wool1 stack
White Wool1 stack
Blue Wool1 stack
White Terracotta1⁄2 stack
White Concrete1⁄2 stack
Black Concrete1⁄2 stack
Oak Wood1 stack


Wool blocks in red, white and blue are essential for forming the main background colors of the New Zealand flag design.

  • Red wool makes up the upper hoist-side triangle
  • White wool forms the larger section underlying the Union Jack
  • Blue wool creates the broad lower fly-side triangle

Aim to have at least 1 full stack (64 blocks) of each wool type. This will provide enough for a sizable flag plus extra to account for mistakes.

Terracotta & Concrete

White terracotta and white concrete are key for producing the Union Jack design centered on the flag.

Black concrete will be used for detailing the 4 stars within the Southern Cross.

About 1⁄2 stack (32 blocks) each of white terracotta, white concrete, and black concrete should suffice.

But extra won’t hurt!


Standard oak wood planks are perfect for quickly making a flag pole and base to mount your NZ design on. Bring along at least 1 full stack.


While completely optional, hanging a few lantern lights around your flag will help it stand out at night time. 5-10 lanterns should be ample.

Red Wool1 stack
White Wool1 stack
Blue Wool1 stack
White Terracotta1⁄2 stack
White Concrete1⁄2 stack
Black Concrete1⁄2 stack
Oak Wood1 stack

With all those quality pixels sourced, you’ll have all the right raw materials for flagship fame!

Just follow the rest of this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to properly construct New Zealand’s iconic banner in Minecraft using these blocks.

Let the red, white, and blue gradually take shape block by block!

Your masterfully crafted tribute to the Southern Cross and Union Jack awaits…

Layout and Dimensions

When undertaking a build as iconic as the New Zealand flag on Minecraft, getting the basic layout and dimensions right is key.

This will allow you to capture the proper shapes and proportions that make the design so recognizable.

Flag Dimensions

For simplicity, we will build using blocks instead of precise meter measurements.

The exact dimensions can be scaled up or down depending on personal preference and available space.

Recommended dimensions:

  • Small: 15 blocks wide x 8 blocks tall
  • Medium: 23 blocks wide x 12 blocks tall
  • Large: 30 blocks wide x 16 blocks tall

Layout Reference Grid

To visualize the layout, imagine the flag divided into thirds vertically and horizontally:

-                      -
-         A            -
-                      -  
-         B            -
-                      -
-         C            -
-                      - 

This creates 6 sections:

  • A – Upper red triangle
  • B – Central white + Union Jack rectangle
  • C – Lower blue triangle

The basic framework can be plotted out on the ground first to get positioned correctly before adding details:

Plotting the Triangle Shapes

  • Mark top corner edges for the red triangle using poles/pillars
  • Outline bottom corners for blue triangle using same method
  • Connect edges of triangles across central white band

Adding the Flag Pole

  • Place oak wood pole vertically along hoist-side edge
  • Build small platform next to base as ground anchor

This establishes the overall grid. Next we fill in the intricate Union Jack and Southern Cross designs.

Precisely aligning the diagonal crosses and triangles of the flag takes patience – but the finished product is well worth the effort!

Just refer back to the reference grid if alignments ever seem off.

The Union Jack

The Union Jack design is central to the New Zealand flag, representing the nation’s historic ties to the United Kingdom.

Recreating the iconic crisscrossing red, white, and blue pattern within the rectangular central band is pivotal.

Outline Shape First

Use white concrete to plot out the basic shape of the Union Jack on top of the white wool layer:

- X -
X X X  
- X -

This establishes the main symmetrical framework to build upon.

Add First Diagonal

Using red terracotta, fill in one diagonal cross of the pattern:

- R -
- R -

Be sure cross extends fully from opposite corners.

Fill Second Diagonal

Mirror the first red cross with a blue terracotta diagonal:

- R -
- B -

Double check symmetry.

Complete Small Crosses

Finish the iconic criss cross using white terracotta for the remaining shapes:

W B W 

The basic Union Jack outline is now complete!

Refine and Detail

Go back over the entire Union Jack pattern and replace any misaligned colors. Then trace the edges with black concrete to better define:

B R B  

Make symmetrical and evenly spaced.

Finally, remove the white concrete guide blocks used originally:

R W B 

With some care and symmetry, the iconic Union Jack can take shape block by block.

Aligning the angles and crosses accurately brings New Zealand’s flag on Minecraft to life!

The Southern Cross

The four red stars of the Southern Cross constellation feature prominently on the New Zealand flag, representing the country’s geographic location in the South Pacific.

Crafting the distinctive star cluster within the dark blue triangular band on Minecraft requires attention to detail.

Plot Star Placement

Start by outlining the location of each star in white concrete. They are staggered diagonally at different heights:


Make sure to leave adequate spacing between stars.

Build First Star

Using black concrete, construct one full 5-pointed star:

   @@@@@ (1)

This will serve as the size reference for the remaining stars.

Complete Star Cluster

Fill out the cluster by carefully adding the other 3 black stars, referring to the white concrete guides for alignment:

   @@@@@ (1)
      @@@@@ (2) 
         @@@@@ (3)
@@@@@ (4)

Be sure to match the height and angle of the first star. Some offset overlapping is normal.

Refine and Detail

Review all 4 stars and touch up any uneven lines or corners. Outline each star in white concrete for increased contrast:

   *@@@@* (1)
      *@@@@* (2)  
         *@@@@* (3) 
*@@@@* (4)

Verify even spacing between each star as well their shared angle and height across the diagonal slope.

Careful attention to symmetry helps replicate the iconic Southern Cross cluster.

With some patience, the Southern Hemisphere night sky can gradually emerge through your blocky medium!

Aligning those five-pointed stars to form the Southern Cross brings New Zealand’s national symbol to life.

Red and Blue Bands

With the main details of the Union Jack and Southern Cross completed, now we can fill in the vibrant red and blue triangular bands that complete New Zealand’s iconic flag on Minecraft.

Fill Upper Red Triangle

Using red wool, entirely fill the triangular area located above the Union Jack section:


Make sure to fully cover the space corner to corner. Avoid any gaps.

Complete Lower Blue Triangle

Mirror the process with blue wool to fill the lower triangular band underneath the Union Jack:


Duplicate the solid color coverage and sharp triangle shape from above.

Refine Boundaries and Edges

Closely review the boundaries between the red triangle, white center band, and blue triangle. Realign any colors that may have slipped out of place:



Define the precise triangular contours with black concrete outlines:



This helps visually separate the layers.

Any small diagonal gaps can be touched up with additional red/blue wool for clean results.

With the vibrant red and royal blue now filling their iconic roles anchoring New Zealand’s banner, the hard work is essentially complete!

Just a few final embellishments remain.

Finishing Touches

With the main elements of the New Zealand flag completed, applying some final decorative touches will take the build on Minecraft to the next level.

Get creative with borders, lighting, landscaping, and more!

Add Flag Borders

Trace clean outer border lines using black concrete to better define the flag edges:

|RRRRRRRRR                  |
|RRRRRRRRR                  |
|RRRRRRRRR                  |   
|                           |
|                           |
|                           |
|                  BBBBBBBBB|
|                  BBBBBBBBB|
|                  BBBBBBBBB|

Repeat for interior borders between color bands for added detail.

Install Light Sources

Place lanterns, glowstone, or other lights along the flag borders to make it shine at night:

|RRRRRRRRR                  |
|RRRRRRRRR                  | 
|RRRRRRRRR                  |

Experiment with different light colors for the desired ambiance.

Decorate Pole & Base

Use items like fences, buttons, signs to embellish the flag support structures:


Terraform Scenery

Landscape the area around the flag to create a miniature display scene:

        /   \ (hill)
       /     \
(flag) /       \ 
            /     \ 
           /       \  
          /         \
(water /pooled here\)

Customize with paths, flowers, etc to your liking!

With the final showstopping tweaks in place, your masterpiece pays perfect tribute to New Zealand’s iconic banner.

Gaze proudly upon your creation and take inspiration from the symbolism of unity, freedom and heritage that the flag encapsulates as it flutters blockily overhead.

Kia ora!

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