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WordPress Blocks. What Are They and How to Customize your Website using them?

Discover the power of WordPress Blocks and learn how to customize your website with ease in this blog post. If you run or want to build a WordPress website, you’ve most likely encountered the WordPress block. This integrated tool, which was introduced in 2018 with WordPress version 5.0 (Gutenberg), makes website building and editing more …

How To Add a WordPress Website To Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor and manage how your website appears in Google search results. Adding your WordPress site to Google Search Console is crucial for ensuring your website gets indexed by Google and for gaining insights into its search performance. In this guide, we will discuss the …

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

If you’re new to website building, you might be wondering how to create an online store with WordPress. In this era, the appeal of online shopping is strong, attracting millions of customers. As competition for buyers’ attention increases, having a respectable online store is crucial for businesses to thrive. Simply being online is not enough; …

How To Apply WordPress Website For Adsense

Curious about how to apply your WordPress website for Google AdSense? If you plan on monetizing your site, running ads is a popular option, and Google AdSense is a great tool to help you do that. What is Google AdSense (and Why Should You Consider It)? Google AdSense is an online advertising network that allows …

How to Unpublish a WordPress Site and Individual Pages or Posts

WordPress is a powerful content management system that enables users to construct and publish their websites easily. As a WordPress user, you may need to hide your website, pages, or posts temporarily or permanently. As a result, site owners must understand how to unpublish a WordPress website and individual pages or posts.  This article will …

How To Speed Up A WordPress Website

WordPress is a powerful and versatile platform for creating websites, powering a significant portion of the web. However, many users face the common issue of slow website speed. In this post, we’ll discuss why having a fast WordPress website is important and share how to speed up your WordPress website. Why It Matters to Have …

How to Add a WordPress Plugin

Want to learn how to add a WordPress Plugin? Great!  WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems globally, largely due to its extensive plugin ecosystem. With over 55,000 plugins available, users can easily enhance their website’s functionality and appearance to meet specific needs. Installing plugins in WordPress is a straightforward process that …

How To Add WordPress Page

Creating a website in WordPress is an excellent way to showcase your content, but beginners often find it challenging to grasp the basics. This guide will show you how to add WordPress pages, breaking it down into straightforward, actionable steps. We cover everything from accessing the dashboard to publishing your first page, ensuring you have …

How to Add a WordPress Menu: A Step By Step Guide.

Looking for a step-by-step guide to add WordPress Menu to your website? Adding a menu in WordPress helps visitors quickly access your most important pages, enhancing their overall experience on your site. While the built-in WordPress menu editor is powerful, it can be a bit tricky for beginners.  Whether new to WordPress or looking to …

How to Add a WordPress Theme: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Add a WordPress theme is a common question among beginners. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems worldwide, known for its flexibility and ease of use. Its extensive library of themes allows users to customize their websites’ appearance and functionality without writing any code. Learn how to add a WordPress …

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