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11 Best Blogs For High School Students

High school students have a lot to juggle: studying for classes, participating in extracurricular activities, and finding time to relax. 

With so much going on, it can be hard to find reliable sources of information that are relevant to their lives. 

That’s why we have compiled this list of the 10 best blogs for high school students. 

These blogs cover topics ranging from mental health tips and college preparation advice to career exploration and fun activities.

Best Student Blog

College Info Geek

Best Blogs For High School Students

Thomas Frank founded College Info Geek as a blog to support students in improving their academic performance. The blog’s main focus is on four significant topics: effective studying, productivity enhancement, career commencement, and student lifestyle improvement.

College Info Geek’s most popular articles include “The Ultimate College Packing List,” “How to Stay Organized and Productive in College,” and “The Best Online Jobs for Students.” 

The blog also features two comprehensive courses to enroll in: a productivity masterclass and a habit-building essentials course.

Every week, at least one new post is published on the College Info Geek blog to provide students with fresh insights and ideas. 

As a source of motivation, Thomas Frank shares his “Impossible List” on the blog. This list comprises tasks that students can accomplish with some effort, and Frank checks off each completed task.

In addition to the blog, College Info Geek provides a podcast that airs every Monday. 

The podcast is available on various platforms such as Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube, and Spotify. The blog also features a music playlist curated with songs that can aid students in their studying. This playlist is accessible on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Save The Student

Best Student Blog

Money management is an essential aspect of a student’s life, and the Save The Student blog is a great resource that covers this topic comprehensively. 

The blog provides valuable insights on how students can make money, save money, find jobs while studying, pay bills, find accommodation, and generally manage their finances.

The blog was created in 2007 by a former University of Manchester student Owen Burek. 

Since its launch, Save The Student has gained significant recognition and has been featured in top sites such as BBC News, The Guardian, The Times, HuffPost, and Independent.

One of the unique features of this blog is that it accepts story submissions from students. This means that students can share their financial experiences and stories about their journey to financial independence, and have them published for others to read and learn from.

Save The Student also provides its readers with access to hot shopping deals that can help them save money. Additionally, the blog offers other resources such as a student loan repayment calculator to help students keep track of their student loan debt.

For parents who are sending their children to university, the blog also has a comprehensive Parent’s Guide To University, which educates parents on all the expenses associated with sending their children to a university.



StudentUniverse is a travel blog designed specifically for students, launched in the year 2000. 

The blog is a comprehensive resource for student travelers, providing information on travel destinations across the world, including Europe, Asia, South America, Central America, the Middle East, Africa, South Pacific, and New Zealand.

Though the blog is based in the US, it also has dedicated sites for the UK and AU. 

The blog’s content is tailored to cater for international students who need to travel. However, students who wish to travel for adventure, holidays, and summer breaks will also find the blog quite useful.

On the StudentUniverse blog, students can find affordable flight deals for domestic US, UK, or AU flights as well as international flights. Using the website to search for flights, students can get up to a 30% discount. This is possible because StudentUniverse is part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, which happens to be one of the largest travel companies in the world.

Moreover, the blog partners with over 200 airlines worldwide, including Air China, British Airways, and United Airlines. 

Similarly, students can also search for and book budget-friendly hotel accommodation, tours, and car rides. 

With the Group Travel service, students can find and connect with other students traveling to the same destination, thus making it possible for them to travel together.

StudentLife Network Blog

StudentLife Network Blog

StudentLife Network is a website based in Canada and provides students with various resources covering everything about school. 

The blog is dedicated to assisting students in finding the right school to study, improving their grades, reducing debts, and landing their dream jobs.

Majority of the blog’s content focuses on students’ lives, but there are more than just articles available for students to access on this blog. 

Students can search and apply for scholarships via the StudentLife Network 99 Scholarships platform. 

However, these scholarship opportunities are exclusively for Canadian schools and Canadian students.

Nevertheless, members of the StudentLife Network can access a variety of giveaways where they stand a chance to win cash, gifts, and other deals. Similarly, students can enter Canada’s Luckiest Student drawing, where prizes of up to $150k are up for grabs.

Registered members can enjoy a 10 percent discount when shopping for merchandise from WeGetReal using the StudentLife Network promo code. Additionally, students can receive $150 off their trip when booking through the Contiki website.

The StudentLife Network also features a student-to-student podcast available on Apple Podcasts. Students can send in their opinions via a contact form as the StudentLife Network is open to comments and suggestions from students.

Blogs for Homeschooling High School

Blogs for Homeschooling High School

TheHomeSchoolMom, established in 2000, offers valuable guidance to high school students who are being homeschooled and preparing for college or a profession. 

To begin, you can click on the ‘Homeschooling 101’ tab, followed by the ‘How to Choose the Best Homeschool Curriculum’ article. 

Then, you can download the ‘Digital Course Planner,’ a free tool that monitors both high school and community college courses your student may take. 

Afterwards, you can check out the ‘Homeschooling Styles’ tab, which provides an overview of the various ways that homeschoolers categorize themselves. 

These include the Moore Formula, Computer-based, Waldorf, Eclectic, and Classical methods.

When parents first visit the LHSHS website, they may find it helpful to check out the ‘Beginners Guide’ section, which provides beneficial advice. 

It’s worth noting that the site’s founder is a former teacher and principal who currently homeschools four of her six children. 

Parents can browse the ‘State Laws’ section to learn about the specifics of high school homeschooling in their area. 

LHSHS was even voted a ‘Top 100’ online homeschool site in 2014, and provides helpful tips for finding free online high school courses. The site also includes a section dedicated to special needs students. 

Finally, parents won’t want to miss out on the ‘Homeschool Graduation Planner,’ which is a useful free download.

Pam Barnhill, an acclaimed educator and former journalist with four children, is the mastermind behind “Your Morning Basket.” 

Her exclusive and complimentary ‘Visions and Goals’ webinar is an excellent place to begin for those starting their high school homeschooling journey. 

This webinar covers everything from designing your student’s daily routine to selecting the appropriate curriculum. Central to her approach is the concept of “Morning Time,” which Pam asserts is the most influential period for learning during a high school homeschool day. 

Her recent blog post, “When Everyone is Suddenly Home,” addresses the difficulties of homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, it will continue to be a valuable resource as the world evolves in the years ahead.

College Blogs for Students

Study Hacks (Now

College Blogs for Students

Cal Newport, a Computer Science Professor at Georgetown University, is the author of the Study Hacks blog. 

He has authored a New York Times bestseller and frequently writes about the connection between digital technology and culture. 

Students can find informative posts, videos, and valuable lessons on his blog to assist them in their college lives. 

One of the lessons he shares is part of his Focus Series, which teaches readers how to take charge of their time. 

Time management is one of the most crucial abilities to master for success as a college student. It is also a necessary skill in the professional world. 

Therefore, reading Cal Newport’s blog for useful tips like this one is an excellent place to begin.



CareerQueen and InternQueen founder, Lauren Berger, is a renowned career expert, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. 

She offers valuable insights on securing internships through her book and blog. 

Besides internship postings, Lauren’s blog also provides tips on networking in a virtual environment and writing top-notch resumes. 

Her advice covers a wide range of topics related to internship hunting.

College Cures

College Cures

College Cures is an online platform that exclusively caters to the student community. The website is differentiated into various categories: relationships, work, health, finance, school, partying, and college life. 

The blog’s primary objective is to provide students with resourceful guidance during their college years and beyond. 

Launched in the year 2010, the platform is supported by a team of expert writers who act as college life mentors.

College Cures

College Cures

College is a significant event in people’s lives that can bring about many changes, such as leaving home, new relationships, and a new environment. 

However, it can be challenging to discuss and process these changes. That’s why I find this mental health blog so valuable. It covers both the positive and negative aspects of mental health, offering advice on how to cope, and sharing personal stories.

Given the impact of student loan debt on mental health, this resource is vital. 

It provides a safe space to learn and understand mental health issues, which can be crucial in preventing depression and suicide.

I highly recommend this blog to everyone, regardless of whether you’re experiencing challenges or not.

International Student

International Student

As an international student, you may encounter several challenges that regular students may not have to face. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources available to assist international students, even though colleges host them. 

Even the resources colleges provide may not be sufficient to address their needs.

International students are confronted with a range of obstacles that can be difficult to overcome, such as financing their education (including international student loans), finding accommodation, and navigating financial transactions in the United States.

However, there is good news! 

The International Student blog provides solutions to these issues and more, making it an invaluable resource for international students.



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