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#14 Big Companies in Fort Worth You Should Know

Fort Worth, Texas, is home to a diverse range of big companies that contribute to the city’s thriving economy.

These companies operate in various industries, including information technology, financial services, and healthcare.

Here are some of the top companies in Fort Worth, along with their contact details:

American Airlines

Big Companies in Fort Worth

American Airlines is a major US-based airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, within the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

The airline is the largest airline in the world, with over 10,000 employees.

American Airlines Group Inc. is the parent company of American Airlines, and its headquarters are located at 1 Skyview Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76155.

  • The mailing address for American Airlines is P.O. Box 619616, DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616[1].
  • The phone number for American Airlines is 682-278-9000.
  • For customer relations inquiries, the contact email is [email protected][2].
  • For investor relations inquiries, the contact email is [email protected], and the phone number is (682) 278-0999.

American Airlines operates flights to over 350 destinations in more than 50 countries.

The airline has a fleet of over 800 aircraft, including narrow-body, wide-body, and regional jets.

American Airlines offers a range of travel classes, including First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Main Cabin.

The airline also offers a frequent flyer program called AAdvantage, which allows members to earn and redeem miles for flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

In addition to its passenger operations, American Airlines also operates a cargo division called American Airlines Cargo.

The cargo division offers a range of shipping services, including priority, expedited, and standard shipping.

American Airlines Cargo also offers specialized shipping services for perishable goods, live animals, and hazardous materials.



Boeing is a leading global aerospace company that develops, manufactures, and services commercial airplanes, defense products, and space systems for customers in more than 150 countries.

The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and has a significant presence in Fort Worth, Texas, where it employs over 10,000 people.

Boeing’s global reach includes customers in approximately 150 countries and employees and operations in more than 65 countries.

Boeing’s four main divisions are:

  1. Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA): This division builds commercial aircraft, including the 737, 747, 767, 777, and 787, along with freighter and business jet variants of most[2]. BCA employs nearly 35,000 people.
  2. Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS): This division offers products and capabilities in six key market areas: Commercial Derivatives, Space and Intelligence Systems, Global Services & Support, Integrated Defense Systems, Network & Space Systems, and Phantom Works.
  3. Boeing Global Services: This division provides complete, cost-competitive service solutions for commercial, defense, and space customers, regardless of their equipment’s original manufacturer.
  4. Boeing Capital: This division provides leasing and product support services.

Boeing is the world’s second-largest defense company and the third-largest defense contractor in the world based on 2020 revenue.

The company has a diverse team committed to innovating for the future, leading with sustainability, and cultivating a culture based on its core values of safety, efficiency, and value to customers around the world.

For more information about Boeing, you can visit their official website at or explore job opportunities at



RadioShack is an American electronics retailer that was founded in 1921.

The company has a long history and was initially established as an amateur radio mail-order business centered in Boston, Massachusetts.

RadioShack has been a well-known chain of consumer electronics stores, offering a wide range of products and components for electronic enthusiasts and hobbyists.

In recent years, RadioShack has faced financial struggles and bankruptcy.

However, in a surprising turn of events, the beloved 80s retailer is making a comeback under new ownership.

The brand’s resurgence is generating excitement among consumers who have fond memories of the iconic retailer.

As of now, RadioShack’s products are available on platforms like Amazon, where it offers items such as rechargeable phone batteries, project enclosure boxes, cordless phone batteries, and electronic components.

The company’s official website also provides information about its history and products.

Additionally, RadioShack has a presence on social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter), where it shares updates and information about its products and services.

For further details about RadioShack’s comeback and its product offerings, individuals can visit the company’s official website and its social media channels.

BNSF Railway

BNSF Railway

BNSF Railway, also known as BNSF, is the largest freight railroad network in North America, operating approximately 32,500 route miles of track in 28 states and three Canadian provinces.

The company has a significant presence in Fort Worth, Texas.

BNSF Railway is one of the six North American Class I railroads and is known for its extensive network and efficient freight transportation services.

BNSF Railway offers various career opportunities, including technical roles such as Software Engineer in Fort Worth, Texas, as advertised on their LinkedIn page.

The company’s focus on innovation is evident in its projects, such as the Customer Experience Portal, AI Implementation, Call Center Digitalization, and Customer Data revolution.

For more information about BNSF Railway, including its operational data, financial information, and community involvement, individuals can visit the company’s official website and the BNSF Railway Foundation’s website.


Big Companies in Fort Worth

HDR is an architecture, engineering, and consulting firm with over 10,000 employees.

The company is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and specializes in providing engineering, architecture, environmental, and construction services.

HDR’s expertise and services cover a wide range of areas, including infrastructure finance, value capture, transit-oriented development, market and financial feasibility, and transportation economics.

The firm is known for its extensive experience and expertise in connecting the right services to meet the specific needs of its clients. The company’s address in Fort Worth is 600 W 6th St #200, Fort Worth, TX 76102.

Pier 1

Pier 1

Pier 1 is a home furnishings retailer with a significant presence in Fort Worth, Texas.

The company specializes in imported home furnishings and decor, particularly focusing on unique and distinctive products.

Pier 1 has a history of operating under bankruptcy, and in 2020, the company temporarily laid off 65% of its headquarters employees in Fort Worth.

The company’s headquarters is located at 100 Pier 1 Pl, Fort Worth, TX 76102.

Pier 1’s website,, offers a wide range of home furnishings and decor products, including furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories.

The company’s focus on quality and unique products has made it a popular choice for customers seeking to enhance their home’s aesthetic appeal.

For more information about Pier 1, including job opportunities and company updates, individuals can visit the company’s official website and social media channels.

Bell Flight

Bell Flight

Bell Flight is an aerospace company with 5,001 to 10,000 employees in Fort Worth.

Also known as Bell Textron, is a leading aerospace company that designs, manufactures, and supports a wide range of aircraft, including helicopters and tiltrotor systems.

The company has a significant presence in Fort Worth, Texas, where it is headquartered.

Bell Flight is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Textron Inc., and it has strategic locations around the globe.

This Fortune 500 company has a rich history, with its first full-size helicopter, the Bell 30, taking its first flight in 1942.

The company has since developed numerous innovative aircraft, such as the Bell 47, the first helicopter in the world rated by a civil aviation authority.

Bell Flight is known for its commitment to reimagining the experience of flight and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the aerospace industry.

The company’s products and services cover various sectors, including military, commercial, and general aviation.

Bell Flight’s military platforms are combat-proven and dynamic, serving a variety of customers and missions, from saving lives through helicopter emergency medical services to offering thrilling experiences.

The company’s commercial platforms have a significant impact on the world, with every flight hour and every mission contributing to the growth of its global fleet.

For more information about Bell Flight, including its products, services, and career opportunities, individuals can visit the company’s official website at

The company also maintains a YouTube channel, where it shares videos showcasing its innovative aircraft and the people behind them.

JPS Health Network

JPS Health Network

JPS Health Network, also known as the Tarrant County Hospital District, is a tax-supported organization that serves the healthcare needs of families in Tarrant County, Texas.

The network includes more than 40 community-based health centers, including 20 clinics based on school campuses.

JPS Health Network is a teaching site that trains physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and other healthcare workers, and it supports nine residency programs.

The organization is dedicated to treating the whole patient and prioritizing mental wellness.

JPS Health Network’s main address is 1500 S. Main Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76104.

For more information about JPS Health Network, including its services and patient care, individuals can visit the organization’s official website at



Slalom is a global business and technology consulting firm that helps people and organizations dream bigger.

The company has a significant presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with two offices in the region.

Slalom offers a range of services, including strategy, technology, and business transformation consulting, and it has expertise in various industries, including healthcare, financial services, and retail.

The company’s approach is centered on co-creating a people-first future with fellow dreamers, innovators, and builders.

For more information about Slalom, including its services and career opportunities, individuals can visit the company’s official website at

Texas Solar

Texas Solar

Texas Solar is a construction company that has experienced significant growth in the solar energy market in Texas.

The company is not explicitly identified as the fastest-growing company in Fort Worth in 2021, but the solar energy market in Texas has indeed been booming, with the state becoming the top market for solar energy in 2021, surpassing even California for the first time.

The solar market in Texas has created excellent opportunities for installers due to a variety of financial incentives, both state-wide and from local governments, that encourage solar panel installations.

Additionally, Texas has seen substantial solar installations, with the state poised to become a nationwide leader in solar energy.

Global Mail Management

Global Mail Management

Global Mail Management is a mail management company located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Better Business Bureau serving the Heart of Texas (Fort Worth)

Better Business Bureau serving the Heart of Texas (Fort Worth)

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving the Heart of Texas, located in Fort Worth, is a non-profit organization that helps consumers find businesses and charities they can trust.

The BBB provides services for businesses, such as accreditation, which helps businesses show customers that they are committed to honesty and integrity.

And also offers consumer education and handles complaints and reviews.

The BBB serving the Heart of Texas is located at 306 W Broadway Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104.

For more information about the BBB serving the Heart of Texas, individuals can visit their official website at

Fort Worth Chamber

Fort Worth Chamber

The Fort Worth Chamber is a business organization that supports and promotes local businesses in the Fort Worth area.

The Chamber is located at 777 Taylor St #900, Fort Worth, TX 76102.

The organization provides a range of services to its members, including networking opportunities, business development resources, and advocacy efforts.

The Fort Worth Chamber also works to attract new businesses to the area and support economic development initiatives.

For more information about the Fort Worth Chamber, including membership information and upcoming events, individuals can visit the organization’s official website at

These companies play a significant role in the Fort Worth economy, offering employment opportunities and contributing to the city’s growth and development.

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